Research artefacts

adbc Design by contract library for Java/AspectJ
ajfx A compositional frame inference / side-effect analysis for Java/AspectJ
delMDSOC A graph-based semantics of a machine model, focused on modularizing crosscutting concerns


Balloon tip A Balloon tip GUI component to spice up your Java Swing applications


Daily log A minimal application to quickly jot down your daily notes
Inspector Jay A graphical inspector for Java objects and Clojure data structures
Solarizer Convert colour scheme files for just about any application into the Solarized colour scheme
Universal autoscroll Enable middle-click autoscrolling in any Windows application
Window groups Bind hotkeys to groups of windows to quickly minimize/restore them


Relais reservations An application to manage room reservations; developed for Le Relais in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert
Xolo A light-weight content management system for small websites